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Location : Baltimore, MD.
Job Type : Temp to Perm
Compensation : 16.00 USD/HOUR
Start Date : 04/23/2024
Hours : Full Time
Required Years of Experience : Entry Level
Required Education : High School or equivalent
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Job Industry : Hotel - Resort
Job Category : Hospitality/Tourism

Job Description :



Supervision and Direction


The building Porter will be under the direct supervi­sion of the Property Manager and, as necessary, the maintenance supervisor.  The porter is to comply with all estab­lished procedures.  The porter is expected to have the ability to do the painting necessary to do needed touch-ups.

Duties and Responsibilities:




            The porter is responsible for the custodial duties which assure the overall cleanliness and upkeep of the building and grounds. He is to provide the physical services necessary to maintain the building in accordance with the specifi­cations of the Property Manager as established by the Board of Directors. He is expected to exercise initiative and notice, report and correct problems which occur to further the general upkeep and appearance of the building.





1. Remove all trash and debris from grounds, walkways, drive­way/front circle, and shrub beds as often as necessary. This should be done at least twice a day, once at the start of the daytime shift and again at the end of the daytime shift.


2. Check lights and replace them as needed.


Lobby Areas:


1. Vacuum, mop, or dust floors in the lobby.


2. Pick up any paper or debris. This should be checked at least twice a day, once at the start of the daytime shift and again at the end of the daytime shift.


3. Empty all from the trash rooms. This should be done first thing in the morning, starting from the 11th floor and working your way down to the 1st floor, checking every trash room for debris/trash that had been left the night before. The door handle (inside and outside) should be wiped.


4. Clean lobby windows inside and out­side.


5. Check lights and replace them as needed.


6. Dust, clean, and/or polish the front desk.


7. Touch-up paint as assigned.  Digs and mars should be repaired daily.




1. Mop and/or vacuum floors (especially the metal threshold) at least once daily or more frequently if needed. It is recom­mended that the elevators be mopped at the beginning and the end of each day.


2. Check lights and replace them as needed.


3. Wipe down interiors and exteriors.


4. Vacuum elevator tracks and clean them as needed. (Stainless Steel)




1. Vacuum carpets daily.


2. Pick up all paper and debris. This should be done twice a day, once at the start of the daytime shift and again at the end of the daytime shift.


3. Check lights and replace them as needed.                   


4. Wipe spots off walls around the elevator.


5. Clean and polish trash chute doors.  Wipe off trash room doors and trash room handles. Deodorize the trash chute daily. 


6. Wipe down stairwell doors.


7. Report carpet spots to the Property Manager. Spots should not remain on the carpet for more than one day after the spot is noticed or reported.


8. Report carpet fraying to the Property Manager.





1. Check lights and replace them as needed.


2. Remove all trash and debris, and sweep the garage floor twice weekly.


3. Mop the floor at elevators daily.




1. Check lights and replace them as needed.

2. Inspect and remove any visible debris.

3. Check Emergency Lighting once per week.

4. Mop/deodorize the stairwell twice per week.

5. Touch up paint on flooring/railing monthly.   


Other Areas:


1. Check lights and replace them as needed.


3. Mop/clean hallway at garage entrance daily.


3. Deodorize and clean the compactor room two times a week (on trash removal days).



Bad Weather:


1. In the event of snow, clean all sidewalks promptly.


2. During wet weather, place walk-off mat at front and garage entrance and remove promptly when the weather clears.




1. Respond to emergency clean-ups.


2. Take an active role in preserving the appearance of the building and in assisting residents with building clean-ups.


3. The porter is to always wear a uniform, with exterior identification when wearing a coat for exterior work.


4. Respect the privacy of all residents. You should not discuss residents with other residents under any circumstanc­es.



1. Hose down the driveway and front circle, weather permitting.


2. Shine the lobby floor with a dry mop.


3. Polish wood in the lobby.


4. Wash/clean elevator doors.


5. Dust hallway light fixtures.


6. Clean exit lights once a week.


7. Clean walls/posts, and flooring in the garage as needed.


8. Sweep stairwells.



1.  Sweep and wipe clean all stairwells including railings, doors, walls, and light fixtures.       




1. Touch-up painted areas regularly.


2.  Assist the Property Manager as requested. 


Required Qualifications :
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